- Rockets and AeroSpace Models


Our Engineering Science programme has become popular …. rocketry and robotics are two of the very popular hobbies and favourite pastimes.


There are however many young scientists who would like to follow a career in engineering ...


We are working closely with international role-players and stakeholders to establish formal rocketry and robotics programmes for South Africa and Africa.


Our Rockets and Robots Programme has been designed to create and nurture interest in engineering science at school, from grade 1 to grade 13 level.


Rocketry and robotics are two different disciplines, and each has an independent programme.



The Science of Rockets and Robots [R&R]: The Gateway Approach


The objectives of the program are to

1.     Stimulate students’ interest in Gateway subjects, thus accumulatively

§   creating a positive disposition towards learning

§   assisting students and school teachers [mentors/coaches] to develop (i) personal ability/skills and (ii) professional skills

§    guiding students towards their respective career portals

2.     Offer the opportunity to students to participate in Science Based Competition on international basis


Gateway “Subjects”




English as EduTraining medium

1.  Learning to understand and to use English through research on the Internet

2.   Preparing project portfolio in English

3.   The use of English as professional skill


The Chemistry of …

1.   Materials selection

2.   Bio-Chemistry

1.    Materials selection

2.    Bio-Chemistry


The Biology of …

The human dimension of Robotics / Ergonomics

The human element of Rocketry / Ergonomics


The Physics of …

1.       Gravity

2.       Electronics

1.    The 4 Forces of Flight

2.    Inner- and outer atmospheric flight

3.   Electronics


The Mathematics of …

The Calculus:

1.   Measurements of robots

2.   Calculating movement

The Calculus:

1.   Measurements of robots

2.   Calculating


Robot/Rocket -Informatics

1.   Artificial Intelligence

2.   Programming

3.   Virtual Reality Robotics

1.    Artificial Intelligence

2.    Programming

3.    Virtual Reality Rocketry


The Economics of …


1.   The cost of the design of robots

2.   Designing a sustainable project


1.    The cost of the design of rockets

2.    Designing a sustainable project




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