The principal Mission of the NYDT is (i) career prediction and (ii) the development, measurement and tracking of profession specific achievements of emerging achievers and leaders.


Profession specific attribute development is the foundation of the NYDT Programme.


Our Career Prediction and AchievemenTRACK Programme [C.PAT] is a web solution for “skills fingerprinting” that has been designed to link career requirements of emerging achievers and leaders with corporate requirements..



Faces of Achievement.




Our mission is to identify emerging achievers and leaders and assist them with profession specific attrubute development. 




To facilitate that, we designed EduDevelopment as a Development Framework. We - for instance - established the New Frontiers Career Academy to


  • Encourage students to participate in international Science based problem solving programmes and competitions
  • Initiate and develop - for students - relevant research projects with comparative perspectives

Several of our students have proven that they possess the ability and skills required to make scientific discoveries and contribute to Mainstream Science.



Our students have proven that they can be competitive in global context. We have winners in competitions like the NASA Aerospace Design Competition for high schools and the regional International Future Problem Solving Competition




National and International Accreditation

The NYDT is the leading NGO in South Africa and Africa as far as International Science Based Competition [Web- and Virtual poster based projects] is concerned.


The NYDT earned international accreditation for its programme.


We introduced a national South African Colors Programme for students who represent South Africa in international Science Based competitions.








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